UNM School of Medicine's Department of Psychiatry Selected As Outreach Partner with the National Institute of Mental Health

The UNM School of Medicine's Psychiatry Department was selected as an Outreach partner for the National Institute of Mental Health's Constituency and Outreach Program. UNM is now part of a coalition of 51 Outreach partners that stretch across the country.

The goals of the NIMH include increasing public and professional awareness of science-based information on mental disorders, improving diagnosis and treatment by mental health professionals and primary care practitioners, reaching broad audiences in a culturally sensitive manner and easing the burden of mental disorders in individuals and their families.

Dr. Teddy Warner, an assistant research professor at the UNM School of Medicine, will serve as the program director for the New Mexico partnership. The program will involve collaboration between various groups and individuals around New Mexico to improve mental health care.

The UNM Department of Psychiatry is comprised of 49 faculty members and 35 residents in training. It is currently involved in many community outreach programs that provide consultation and educational services.
Contact: HSC Public Affairs, 272-3322

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