UNM Sports Physician "Walks the Talk"

A UNM Sports Medicine physician got a chance to walk his talk when he recently turned 50. Chris McGrew had long said he “could pack for a Florida beach vacation in 30 minutes.” And, his medical practice focuses on helping to treat “anyone who wants to stay active, from age 7 to 70.”

To celebrate his birthday, his family tested him on both counts by rousing him from bed at 4 a.m. the first weekend in March and giving him 30 minutes to pack for a surprise trip to Grayton Beach.

Once there, they upped the ante even more by informing him he was entered in the annual Grayton Beach Seaside Half Marathon, a 13-mile long event. Not only did he run – with no advance preparation – in the event but he finished sixth in his age group and 77th overall, completing the run in one hour and 36 minutes.

“He has a great sense of humor,” said a family friend who watched the race. “As he ran by, he was listing all the medical procedures he would need at the end of the race – dialysis, IV fluids, surgical repair of his leg…..”

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