UNMH Begins Staff Wellness Screenings

UNM Hospital CEO Steve McKernan was one of the first employees to participate in a screening to receive his health baseline information for the new UNMH Wellness initiative.

UNMH employees are setting an example for wellness as a leading community healthcare organization. The results of the brief screenings -- body mass index, cholesterol HDL, glucose and blood pressure numbers -- are issued in real time directly to the employee, providing the basic information needed for the employee to develop a plan with his or her provider for improved or maintained health. Early detection, chronic disease prevention and maintenance, and establishing healthier habits for employees are some of the desired outcomes of the UNMH Wellness Initiative.

This initiative is similar to many across the nation by large employers in both the public and private sectors, as employers look for ways to improve the health and quality of life of their workforces -- and potentially reduce medical health claims.

Screenings are free to employees and are conducted on paid time. Dependents do not participate.

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