UNMH Deploys ePocrates Integrated System

The University of New Mexico Hospitals announces it will deploy the ePocrates Rx Online™ + AHFS® DI fully integrated hospital clinical reference and formulary application throughout the university system of five hospitals and 36 clinics statewide.                                               

The ePocrates application provides hospitals the ability to increase patient safety by reducing medication errors, enhance formulary compliance efforts and reduce the administrative burden on physicians, pharmacists and other health care practitioners.

"Bringing together the respected, comprehensive ePocrates and AHFS references into one resource along with a hospital's own formulary information is a powerful and meaningful use of technology. Thanks to widespread adoption of our technology among health care professionals and the minimal IT set up necessary, our solution rolls out smoothly, allowing hospitals to quickly deliver enhanced patient care," said Andrew Burns, ePocrates vice president of health services.

ePocrates is the leader in providing clinical information to physicians, pharmacists and other health care professional at the point-of-care.  Over 350,000 health care professionals, including 20 percent of practicing U.S. physicians, currently use ePocrates trusted drug and clinical handheld reference tools. Physician demand was a key contributor to University of New Mexico's decision to adopt the ePocrates clinical solution.

"Choosing to implement ePocrates within the hospital setting makes sense given ePocrates' sizable network of health care professionals who respect its content and value its objectivity and ease-of-use," said Dr. Louis Achusim, Executive Director of Pharmaceutical Services for the UNM Hospitals. "Using ePocrates integrated formulary and drug information combined with the in-depth AHFS DI information will greatly assist our physicians, pharmacists and other health care professionals in enhancing the quality, safety and cost-effectiveness of care for our patients."

In a recent survey of physicians using ePocrates applications, 97% agreed that using ePocrates drug interaction information helps them avoid adverse drug events and 78% agreed that using ePocrates formulary information saves them time.1

The ePocrates Rx Online™ + AHFS® DI application was launched in November in partnership with the American Society Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) and enables hospitals to integrate their formulary information with the user-friendly ePocrates Rx Online™ application, and the authoritative drug reference AHFS Drug Information, resulting in a single, comprehensive database. It is available to physicians, pharmacists and other health care professionals throughout participating hospitals via Internet-connected desktop computers, and requires little or no IT resources to set up.


1Survey of 397 physicians conducted by ePocrates in April, 2004.

Contact: Angela Heisel, 272-3322

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