UNMH Offers Nursing, Radiology Scholarships

Many hospitals offer sign-on bonuses as a way of recruiting workers, but UNM Hospital is trying a new approach to attract up and coming health care professionals.

Instead of giving new graduates a sign-on bonus to work at the hospital, UNMH is offering scholarships to nursing and radiology students currently in school. "We wanted to give students the money that can help get them through school, now," said Sandra DuBrock recruitment manager at UNMH.

The scholarships, which range from $2,500 to $6,500, are on average $2,000 more than the typical sign-on bonus.

Upon graduating, scholarship recipients must commit to two years of employment at UNMH but because UNMH is a teaching hospital the new employee will be receiving continuous educational support and training and can move up quickly.

There are currently four categories of Scholarships available to nursing and radiology students including:

  • Scholarships of $6,500 awarded to 2nd Degree Nursing Program students
  • $3,500 Scholarships for Bachelor of Science in Nursing students
  • $2,500 Associates Degree Nursing Scholarships and
  • $3,500 Scholarships for Radiologic Technologist students.

    Application deadline is January 27, 2004 and scholarships will be awarded on or before February 11, 2004. For more information or to apply contact Arlette Smith 272-2110, Tricia Richards 272-0497, or sandy DuBrock 272-1851.

  • Contact: Angela Heisel, 272-3322

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