UNMH Opens Additional Intermediate-Care Nursery


January 17, 2008


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - The University of New Mexico Children’s Hospital is opening an Intermediate Care Nursery on the third floor of the Barbara and Bill Richardson Pavilion for newborns transferring from the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NBICU) or the Mother-Baby Unit.

There are currently 16 intermediate care beds on the fourth floor of the Pavilion. The new unit will house eight more beds.

Four transitional observational care beds will also be in this unit where newborns can be admitted for a set period of time from the Labor and Delivery Unit to determine which unit they will need to be admitted to for further care. Newborns in these transitional beds can be admitted to the NBICU, the Intermediate Care Nursery or to the Mother-Baby Unit to be with the mother when stable.

The purpose of the Intermediate Care Nursery is to help keep more beds open in the NBICU for New Mexico’s sickest babies and prevent newborns that are ready to be transferred, from having to stay in the NBICU longer than needed.

In addition, this Intermediate Care Nursery will be able to take newborns from the Mother-Baby Unit when the mother is ready to go home, but the newborn is not able to go home at the same time. These newborns may require additional observation, medical tests or further medical care.

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