UNMH Provider Lounge Opens

The UNM Health Sciences Center has recently implemented several initiatives to improve our workplace environment and has been committed to MISSION: Excellence to help us improve alignment and engagement of our day-to-day work in the hospital and clinics.

UNM Hospitals strongly supports a recommendation from the Physician Advisory Group to provide Attending Physicians a place of respite within the hospital. Almost all hospitals in the country have physician lounges. These are a great venue for physicians to communicate with each other and also curb side consult on patients. We believe a physician lounge will help enhance our interdepartmental communication.

A new physician lounge, located in the cafeteria in the former Manzano conference room space, will open on Tuesday, December 4, at 10 a.m. This space is designated for HSC physician facility (Attending Physicians, DO and DDS faculty at HSC) and will serve much like staff unit breakrooms. As an equivalent, staff breakrooms are available for all employees on their units.

As a reminder, for those that utilized the Manzano meeting room, the Pecos meeting room is currently under renovation and will be available to replace the Manzano room in late January 2019 and going forward. The newly renovated space will be a short walking distance, less than two minutes, from the current Manzano room and will be fully furnished with tables, chairs, white board, computer, projector and projector screen. The new space will be about 30 percent larger than the current Manzano room, which will allow for comfortable seating for larger meetings. The Pecos meeting room is available to be reserved as the Manzano room is now. If you normally schedule the Manzano room for your regular standing meetings, please proceed to reserve the Manzano room for calendar year 2019. Once the new space is complete, the reservations will automatically be transferred to the Pecos meeting room.

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