UNM Hospital and Employee Union Reach Agreement to Help Displaced Transcriptionists

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – University of New Mexico Hospital and a union representing hospital employees have reached an agreement that will help place and train medical transcriptionists in new positions at the hospital.

UN M Hospital has contracted with Nuance Technologies to provide transcription services.

Under the agreement accepted by the National Union of Hospital Health Care Employees, Local 1199NM, transcriptionists placed in new positions at UNM Hospital will retain their existing departmental seniority date in their new department and will receive appropriate training for their new positions.

Transcriptionists who are not immediately placed in new positions internally will be eligible to have educational expenses reimbursed for classes related to hospital jobs.

“Our goal is to place and train every affected employee who wants to stay with UNM Hospital,” said UNM Health Sciences Center Chancellor Dr. Paul B. Roth. “We are pleased that we were able to work with union leaders to come up with an agreement that their members accepted and that will help achieve this goal.”

Most of the 57 transcriptionists affected by the contract with Nuance Technologies have already either accepted job offers from the firm or from UNM Hospital, or they are taking early retirement.
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