The week of March 21 is National Poison Prevention Week. Wal-Mart pharmacies in partnership with the UNM College of Pharmacy and the New Mexico Poison Center will be bringing awareness to the topic by handing out free Vial of Life emergency medical information kits.

The Vial of Life is a national program dedicated to providing medical information for those who are unable to communicate in a medical emergency. The Vial of Life is a prescription medicine bottle (vial). It contains paperwork for the recipient to list important medical information including any health conditions, current prescriptions, allergies, and emergency contacts. In addition, the bottle contains a Vial of Life window sticker so that paramedics are alerted that the Vial of Life is either in the patient's refrigerator or car glove box.

The Vial of Life is free and can be picked up at any New Mexico Wal-Mart pharmacy. For more information on the Vial of Life visit

Contact: Angela Heisel, 272-3322